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AFS is the premier educator in the filtration and separations industry and has been assembling technical content since the Society was incorporated in 1987.  AFS has years of history in technical conferences, virtual courses, both live and on-demand, journal issues and One Minute Filtration articles (OMFs).  AFS Members, including all employees of Corporate Sponsor companies receive discounts on all items for purchase.

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  • One MInute Filtration (OMF) Articles are free for everyone
Join AFS as an individual member for $150.  Membership will be valid through December 31, 2022.

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American Filtration & Separations Society

About AFS

AFS exists to create positive change worldwide by providing comprehensive educational opportunities, fostering a community of collaboration, networking, and idea-sharing within the filtration and separation industry.  The Society brings together a diverse group of individuals from all areas of the filtration spectrum.  From academia to manufacturers, distributors to end-users, they propel the industry forward by providing exceptional resources across a broad knowledge base.  Through conferences and exhibitions, online resources and advocacy, AFS seeks to meet the world's filtration needs. 

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