Virtual Course - Introduction to Air/Gas - Full Course

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Purchase the full 8-hours of content that you can watch at your leisure, on-demand.  The course is broken out into approximately 1-hour segments.

This course is to introduce the basics of air/gas filtration.  It provides fundamental information on air filtration principles, filter media and filters, applications and testing.  

Who Should Attend:

People who are new to the filtration industry, either in technical, sales or business functions.  It is also a very good course for those who have been in the industry for a while to have a better understanding of fundamentals that can be used for practical applications.

  • Part 1 - Principles
  • Part 2 - Filter Media and Filters
  • Part 3 - Applications
  • Part 4 - Testing and Test Standards

Instructor (Click on his name below to view his bio)

     Dr. Thad Ptak

Course Details

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