Introduction to Solid/Liquid Separation, Part 1 - Principles

Individual course (2 hours)

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$295 Non-member

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This introductory course will start from understanding filtration and how it is applied, the role of liquid and particle properties on filtration, key liquid filtration principles, and major categories of liquid filtration equipment and their applications.   This course is informative and easily understood due to the extensive industrial practical and teaching experiences of the instructors. This course would be appropriate for all job functions especially those new to filtration or an experienced person who is looking for more understanding of filtration and competing technologies.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Particles and Liquid Properties
  • Principles of Liquid Filtration
  • Introduction to Liquid Filtration Equipment

Instructors (Click on the names to view the instructor's bio):

   Dr. Wu Chen

   Dr. Wenping Li

   Mr. Chris Wallace

   Dr. Lin Zhao



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