Virtual Course - Membrane Separation Technologies for Non-Biological Wastewater Treatment

Whereas the total quantity of water on this planet is more or less fixed, its quality is steadily deteriorating because we have been contaminating it for thousands of years, with little concern for the consequences. Drinking water regulations continue to raise quality standards, and industrial and commercial activities require higher quality water in many applications. Due to population growth, drinking water and agricultural quantity demands are growing rapidly.

Industries, in general, are poor stewards of water conservation. Most water brought into the plant is used only once, even though that use may have had very little impact on water quality. These issues, combined with projected critical drought conditions in many areas, have created an environment where both municipal and industrial wastewater supplies are recognized as valuable resources.

Learning Objectives:
This presentation is directed to engineers or other technical personnel who wish to gain an understanding of the role of these versatile technologies play in the removal of wastewater contaminants and how they may be integrated into a total treatment system.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Membrane Technology Basics
  3. Membrane Polymers
  4. Membrane Elements
  5. System Design Factors
  6. Case Histories


   Mr. Peter Cartwright

Course Details

Historical Overview
Filtration Goals
Filters and Filter Media
Filter Characteristics
Filter Media Characteristics
Filtration Models
Test Methods for Testing Media and Filters
Filter Design Process
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