Virtual Course - Aspects of Designing Media and Filters for Air Filtration

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The course is a review of the theoretical and experimental aspects of filtration, and the synergy between filter media development and filter development.

Who should attend:

This course will be of interest to engineers, and other technical personnel concerned with air filtration, the design process of filters and filter media, manufacturing and marketing.  Attendees will find the course informative, regardless of whether they design, manufacture, purchase or use filter media and filters for air filtration applications.  Attendees should have some experience and knowledge of air filtration prior to attending this course. 

This course gives the basis for a better understanding of air filtration theory when applied to filter media and filters, and how other filter requirements, such as environmental regulations, durability and manufacturability, have an impact on filter media design. The theoretical principles and practical knowledge gained during this course will allow the participant to be able to properly design and specify filters and filter media for specific applications.

You will learn

  • Basics of filtration theory to understand how to design filter media for specific performance requirements and applications
  • How media are designed and made for air filtration applications including
    • Nonwovens, cellulose paper and electrostatically enhanced media
    • Nanofiber technology
    • Activated carbon media
    • Antimicrobial treatment
  • The design process of air filters for applications including
    • Commercial and residential HVAC, automotive filtration, appliance filtration
    • Personal protection
  • Experimental evaluation of filter media and filters
    • Test methods and their limitations
  • Environmental regulations and their impact on media and filter design


  Dr. Thad Ptak

Course Details

Introduction and Background
Filters and Filter Media
Filters and Filter Media
Filter Characteristics
Filter Media Characteristics
Filtration Models
Filtration Mechanisms
Test Methods for Testing Media and Filters
Filter Design Process
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